Thursday, August 27, 2009

A World Without "T"

Hello again my friends,

Thank you all for posting such wonderful comments on my page yesterday...all I can say is WOW your support means so very much to me. Sometimes it is hard to look at ones self and really be able to see, I always have seen myself as not very outgoing, shy, reserved and held back from being me. So it was so good to hear all these wonderful comments about my In progress pics. You my inspirations, inspire me everyday and so glad I have you to encourage and support me as well. So that is your new names cause that's what you do for me you inspire me. You make me want to keep going, you make me know I am not alone, and you make me know the feelings and struggles that I have are shared. Because we have a common thread that holds us a tie that bonds.

First Of all I want to thank Jo a New friend of mine but very dear to my heart all ready, she has made my day today and AMAZING is all I can say about her and that doesn't even begin to describe the impression she has left on my heart. When someone tells you that you have inspired them, It is one of the most incredible feelings in the world to know that you have touched someone in this way. I have only been bloging for less then two weeks about 10 days, but the joys I have gotten here are unbelievable it I would have known, If i would have believed, I would have started at birth...LOL But for real I am AMAZED that I am actually able to inspire anyone. So thank you so much Jo for making me someone who had the privilege of touching your life.

I had all these big plans for my blog last night, and the computer would not cooperate with any of it, so I tried to save it and lost that too. So this is starting over from scratch. Our schedules didn't mesh well at all last night Courtney was sick and left school early, Sean had weather coverage and didn't know how long he would be, so dinner was delayed and schedule was modified. We did finally get to eat, but not together and with the rain and storms we didn't get our 5K in so I opted for some good ole' around the house exercise which was fun and exhausting all at the same time, so it was good.

One of the things I look at the most on my blog is, “Whether you think you can, or think you can't you're right” That statement is so true. So many times we have said this is to hard, I cant do this, I don't want to try anymore. Then what you have done is created in your mind a reason “an excuse” not to, and you may not even realize what you have done. I have heard them with Sean, I have heard them with me, I have watched us give up by giving into what we tell ourselves we can not do.

The thing I have noticed is when I was 345 I had never been that high before, EVER. I always was between 200 and 250 . So even though I have dropped 142 pounds I am only where I have already been before, so I want to see myself at 150,140 ,130 somewhere that I have never been since high school. I have to see it I want to see, and I will. Where as Sean is already in a different place, a place he has never been in his whole adult life, In fact the face that looks back at me I have NEVER seen it is AMAZING and I want him to see the face he has never seen before in me. That is why I keep going that is why I am not done, that is why friends and family always notice such a difference in Sean and not in me, because I have been here before. Most of my adult life never getting below 200lbs this face and this skin I am is gonna change and I will become the butterfly that is locked up still.

Take away the T and what you have is CAN

I cant do this today
I cant change my eating habits
I cant do this for life
I cant handle the stress
I cant get motivated
I cant stay motivated
I cant stop mood eating
I cant enjoy the foods i like
I cant handle a buffet
I cant get past my mind set
I cant eat just one
I cant resist temptation
I cant see my future changing
I cant see myself thin
I cant look people in the eye
I cant change myself
I cant picture things different
I cant dream
I cant I cant I cant I cant


Cheers to new beginnings,


  1. Amen, Irene! Tea is my favorite drink, but T, yep, I can do without it in my world, too!

    I am sorry about your post last night - I HATE when that happens! While I don't know if this one is anything like the original, its just perfect and will touch so many people.

    You are just wonderful with all of your positive thoughts and the fact that you share them with everyone is just a blessing!

    I sure hope Courtney is feeling better soon!

    (Oh and by the way, if y'all ever end up in Florida for some reason, I'll be happy to feed all of you ; ) )

    Lots of Love!

  2. Irene -
    You and Sean have inspired me sooooo many times - just by looking at your pics ! I know it's hard for you and your family to see - because you see yourself everday - but I don't don't know what you looked like growing up - and I have not seen you everyday - so I get a fresh perspective - and at a glance - you look like a totally different person. In the pics on Seans blog - I could not tell you from your daughters. You have to know the transformation is absolutely amazing. I wish you could see it as clearly as some of us do. You have come a million miles in a huge transformation. It's funny - but I already thought about the whole butterlfy transformation thing that you mentioned as soon as I saw your pictures. In my perspective - you HAVE done it! Even with more to go to reach your goal - the butterfly shows - truly! Your kids must be so proud of you. It's a great lesson for them to see what one woman can do when she puts her mind to it. :D

  3. thanks again for the motivation!
    I always feel good after stopping by!

  4. Blogger can be a little buggy, Irene. I always write in a word processing program and then copy & paste it into the blogging program. I've heard too many horror stories of Blogger eating entries.

    It also has a bad habit of losing entire sites, so making a back-up of posts isn't a bad idea either.

  5. You know, just today I was telling Neal that I don't do T. (I meant tea, of course, but it works perfectly for your blog today)

    love and miss you bunches myRene! You are doing a fabulous job!

  6. Wow you look fantastic in your after pics. You're doing an amazing job and its impressive how motivated you are. That is inspiring! I'll be there soon with ya!

  7. Excellent post. I need to get rid of allot of those "Ts". Yes we can!

  8. Remove the "T"....awesome it....thanks for the boost Irene! :)

  9. You are a clever little beaver aren't you....
    Live without the T
    Nice one

    I will be taking that one with me ... I love it ....and you xx

  10. out with the "T", in with the new. you know of what you speak and have the experience to prove it! thanks irene :)

  11. You've got a lovely perspective, Irene and I'm confident that you will get there. :-)

  12. Love this post Irene! I'm having one of those weeks where "t" is definitely showing up more than usual :) Thanks for giving me a push to get rid of them!!

  13. It's so hard to believe that we spent so many years with me over 500 pounds and you over 300. Can you believe it baby? We always focused on the T, but not anymore.
    great post. And after re-reading your comment on my blog---I realize, you're right. You've never seen this face until now huh? That really touched me girl.

    Love you

  14. How can I follow Sean's comment.. Well, like you said lose the "T"
    I CAN!

    You 2 are a real inspiration. Your progress pics are amazing. Love this post!

  15. Irene, Great post, I am soo happy you have inspired someone else. I wish I could do the same. thats partly what I strive for. Great job getting some exercise in, even though it was raining!

  16. I love this post... take away the t and the whole sentence changes. I need to use this more often. Thanks!

  17. Great post, sorry you had technical difficulties, I hate when that happens. I'm not sure how I missed your post yesterday but glad I came back to read it. I think that is tough when both of you are changing but I also think it's wonderful you are doing this together. It really will make your marriage stronger I think. Loved the get rid of the T.