Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello friends,

I know I have missed a few days,I assure you I am not off the Sean boy was supposed to let everyone know in his blog, that I wouldn't be writting for a few days, because I had to work...Just got done getting my over 40 hours into 3 days, but he failed to mention......Yeah the 13 hour days in three, running all over the place...but now 4 days off..HOORAY!!! SOOO well worth the horrible three days I just put in.

Tonight was a very bad night for me, and last night, well not much better. Being manager you have to deal with a lot of issues with customers and with staff, we staff over 400 people and customers, well tonight we had 1200 in there from overflow from another casino who had Kansas there, I would have loved to go see. Anyway tonight I had both employee issues and customer issues all night long, made everyone wonder if the moon was but of course it wasn't so don't know why all the weirdness tonight. Usually everything runs smooth and everyone gets along okay, but not tonight.

Called amber today and she is much better, she had her sugar and blood pressure checked, thank you for all the concerned comments for her, It scares me so much her being so far away from me especially when she isn't feeling well. But everything turned out okay, think she had a panic attack when she got scared of the symptoms of the feeling like she was going to faint and the black dots she was seeing scared her.

we see her today...I cannot wait, I know its only been a week or so since she left well a week exactly, but it still seems like forever. I do have to sometime get some sleep, but not sure just yet when that's gonna be.

Sean and Nay got to go to an awesome ROCKIN rock concert, I had to work, life is sometimes so unfair!!

There was so many tempting things to eat at work tonight, all I had today was a burger like at like two, so by the time 12 came along, I was starving, ate my favorite thing from there even though they had ribs, tender juicy and everyone telling me how good they were, I knew they were just from the smell...AMAZING!!!But I got my norm, three pieces of bacon on wheat bread with a little mayo. Really wanted those ribs though!!

I know it was a bad eating day for me, but this is my norm something before I go in and then like at 12 when its slowed down some and the kitchen isn't packed I may have time to eat a bacon sandwich. Not good I know and in between its coffee and water, I just simply don't always have a lot of time to eat.

Here's my thought for the day....
my journey is like riding a horse....
please let me explain...

I may slip and I may fall, which is my journey there are bad days and good days highs and lows everyday as you go, but as long as nothing gets broken, and that is my spirit my hope and my learning along the way, then I can dust myself off and start over the next day and go on, I control the reigns I decide how fast I want the horse to go, which is my choices my day to day good or bad, I have to live with it and deal with only myself at the end of that day. If my horse stops to rest which could be a bad day, or one that doesn't please me the way it should, then I know I cant let it rest for to long if I want to win the race, but as long as I don't put the horse down, which would be total despair and giving up, as long as I'm not done and I don't quit, my horse may not come in first place but it wont lose either it will eventually cross the finish line...
So take hold of your horses take the reigns and cross the finish line!!!

Cheers to new beginnings,



  1. Wow you do work a lot of hours!! It must be hard to keep to any kind of schedule.
    We all have not so perfect days, you do what you can :)
    Enjoy your 4 days off

  2. Sorry you had a rough time at work. Glad to hear Amber is better. You must have been worried sick. Glad you get to go see her.

    Loved the horse analogy, that was great.

    Hope you are able to get some rest, but enjoy visiting with Amber!

  3. Yay for days off, even if they come at the price of so many hours beforehand!
    Thanks for the horse analogy - these last few days, I think I have been seeking shelter under mine, but I know I need to crawl out, stand up and get back up on him before he leaves me for good. I needed that.
    Hope you all have fun with Amber today!

  4. You know me baby...forgetfull---!!!
    I'm letting you rest right now, but get ready---On our drive I expect to be completely filled in on all the crazy happenings around the big Casino. I'm sorry it was such a stressful night. Rest baby.
    Loved the horse analogy. My horse is feeling so much better now that I've lost over 200 pounds. Your horse will get you where you want to be.
    Love you buddy.

  5. Sounds like a tough 3 days glad you now have 4 days off.

    I know what you mean about just never giving up, never letting your spirit be broke.

    Hope you have a great trip going to see Amber.

  6. Hi Irene! I am so glad you finally have a blog too. I wish my husband would do one. I think he would be amazed how much it would help. Back in the day I used to be a night auditor for a hotel and I hated working that 11-7 shift. It is so hard to get a good routine for eating when your body thinks it should be sleeping. My husband's birthmother works that shift as well as a pediatric nurse and she really struggles with her weight. I think you are doing great! Bacon sammy doesn't sound bad...might be nice to add some fruit. Do you like dried fruit? That makes great snacks or even a low-fat trail mix. Thanks for sharing your journey! It's good to hear from you. Blessings--Bonnie

  7. Irene...

    What horrible shifts you have ...nasty work....I am glad you have 4 days off and going to see Amber it will be like a little mini holiday.

    I am so pleased that Amber's results are good...Tell Sean for me that forgetfulness is not an excuse these are babies...Men they so don't understand...:-)

    I am so proud of you for NOT having the ribs...that is such a big thing esp when everyone is being mean and telling how yummy they are..

    Love the horse clever girl
    Keep a tight hold on the reins..
    Have fun with your precious girl

  8. That's a really great analogy Irene. Very insightful. Every day isn't going to be perfect, is it? I think you've already made HUGE strides in losing weight...I love seeing the "before" and "in progress" pics that Sean shares with us. I know you'll get've definitely made the decision to lose the weight and you've got the right mental attitude about life not being perfect....I totally freak when things go wrong, so you're doing way better than me! :)