Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hello Again,

I know it says i posted today already, but this is just the schedule that I keep... LOL...for me this is a different day, my schedule is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E.....

In todays blog, I just wanna reflect back, a minute to a different time when the mind set wasnt there and where life was just considered one day to the next, not living not grabbing hold of anything just letting the days go by. No motivating thoughts, no thoughts really at all except "I know we gotta get busy", but in the mean time...time is just passing us by. The knowing how, but the not having the will to get there. I have been there, my husband and I both have struggeled with weight our whole marriage. Our whole lifes, it has kept us from being the people we have always been but always wanted to show, and doing the things we have always wanted to do. We have been miserable and incomplete, we are not all the way done, but the feelings that have come with the journey thus far are incrediable.

Sean baby....You look amazing!!!



My buddy, highschool sweetheart, the apple of my eye, the love of my life and the owner of my heart...I am so VERY proud of you! For all that you do, for your heart pure and true for the caring and the love that you give, your honesty , compassion, how you let people see your heart and know what a true special person you are.....I love you baby

Getting past all the mental hangups, that has held us back for years, breaking through all the bad thinking and bad choices that have tried to distroy us, getting past all the excuses and all the "I dont think I cans" and what is left is...A journey to the otherside of life, a life we have only dreamed of. To grab hold of the day, cherish it, and not let it pass you by, not one more day gone without saying I did all I can today, I tried My very best, and we are doing that one day at a time, until our goals are met.

I am dedicating this blog to you Sean, for being the wonderful person that you are and for inspiring me, our family and countless others along your way to show that it is possible, that WE can do it too. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU, thank you, FOR YOU for being in my life and touching so many other lifes with your story. We are SO lucky to have you!! You baby are truly a BLESSING!!

(the abc's of it all)

A Always Love You because when you love yourself, you have more love to share.
B Be who you are, not who someone wants you to be.
C Care for yourself and care enough to care for others.
D Believe in the Divinity within you and every other sentient being.
E Experience the ecstasy of life!
F Forgive others but don’t forget to forgive Yourself.
G Be gentle, genuine and generous with your love.
H Have an open heart.
I Be your own inspiration and illuminate the heavens.
J Look for joy within you.
K Be kind to all kindred spirits.
L Like yourself, laugh often and live life with leisure!
M It’s okay to be marvelous! Manifest your dreams and create loving memories.
N Be noble and know that as you face the nemesis within, you will be victorious!
O Your heart has an ocean of melodies waiting to be sung.
P Preserve and paint your heart with precious positive memories.
Q Take time for quietude and be open to quantum quality in your heart.
R Remember to receive love with appreciation and joy.
S Search your soul, find the love within and remember your greatness!
T Be tender with your thank yous.
U Be universal. Know that MotherFatherGod is within you!
V Be vibrant and know that you have value and are worthy to love and be loved!
W,X,Y,Z Wealth is the warmth and giving spirit of your heart. Xanadu, a place of great beauty and contentment is YOU! So be zany with your love!

Cheers to New beginnings,


  1. I need a kleenex buddy. I will not leave a long comment here. I'd rather tell you how I feel about this posting face to face.
    With love always

  2. guys are just so darn cute. It's so unfair that you guys are both so good-looking. You're like the Brad and Angelina of Oklahoma, lol. I'm glad you're blogging Irene...that's super cool. Dude, I've got like 70 lbs left to lose myself. Glad I've got a new traveling buddy. :)

  3. Not wanting to barge into a beautiful moment but
    SOMEONE GET ME A TISSUE.....(Sorry Kleenex, here is Australia we call them tissues :-P)
    Irene you are just beautiful and to be able to express your feelings like that ....amazing

  4. Sorry to Disagree with Tammy,
    You are not the Brad and Angelina of Oklahoma.
    You guys are REAL PEOPLE, the Real Deal,
    I reckon you will become celebrities in your own right very soon.
    Not for acting, not for spin, not for the razzle dazzle of Hollywood.

    But for the pure magic of the journey you started sharing as a couple, then as a family and now sharing with the world.


    Go Anderson's GO...

    Flippin Heck I am soundin American!!!



    PS I know what Tammy means though, you are one hot looking couple;)

  5. I know what you mean about life just going by... day to day. I was like that. But now I feel a new positive energy all around. I can feel the change that is coming, and it feels great! To wake up every day and know that it is going to be a good, successful day... that's an amazing feeling!

    Take care and have a great day!

  6. Look! I am trying to get used to new contacts and you people are making me tear up. Lots of great advice here Irene, especially about accepting the status quo. Keep this up and I think you and Sean might be able to get on teh same schedule and be a speaking duo!

  7. I'm so glad i decided to check out your new blog! Awesome!! And you guys are the cutest couple i swear :)

  8. What a great post! I wish I could inspire my husband so he would believe in himself more. I think I need to send him over to Sean *smile*. I'm definitely going to hang here with you too Irene, I'm enjoying your words. Realizing I don't tell my husband enough how much I love him too. Look forward to reading tomorrow (and the next day and next day...).

  9. Wow what incredible pictures!!

  10. Wow. . . you are so good with words. I love love your ABC list. . . as a love note to Sean and for all of us too.

    You have a big heart. .. thanks for showing it to us so quickly.