Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rainy Night and Time with Amber


in progress

in progress

In progress

well today was a pretty good day...Long and tiring, but a really good day. Road trip to Weatherford was great Sean and I talked the whole way there and back. Telling him about my day the other day and about the horrible night I had at work the night before. Just talking about nothing and everything, it was REALLY nice!!! Our schedules the way that they are, we really have to make time to be together and when we are we take full advantage of it....

We missed Courtney being with us though, she had school so she stayed with a friend. We enjoyed so much getting to see Amber and getting her in her dorm. She has the same roommate though as she had last year so she was a little disappointed, but it does have its pluses. It was just a great trip and I can't wait to go again, next time with Courtney to though. Now we are listening to the storms here all night...Love a rainy night, Sean was trying hard to write his blog but the electric kept going out, so we opted to go to bed and get up early, so it will be another late post for him, as for me, well I work the overnight shift and can't sleep, so here I am as soon as the power came back on.

We didn't get a good workout in today, unless you call trucking all over the campus a workout, up and down hills, building to building in the heat, well I guess it was at least some form of a workout. I remember a year ago today, Sean hadn't started his transformation, and I was still up there as well and we had a lot harder time with it then we did today.
We talked about it a lot, the chairs in the offices were no problem like they had been before, the walking all over the place and carrying things up to the dorm room with ease, not out of breath like we were before. We even took the stairs today over the elevator, are you kidding, we would have NEVER done that on purpose before, the dang thing would have had to be broke if we didn't take it.

Just the things we can now that we could have never done before is UNREAL and the list just goes on and on and it will just get longer and longer as we go, We have another chance to be happy and healthy and this is the last one we will ever need, Courtney and I also went to the clean the station and the offices downtown vacuuming and taking out the trash and cleaning up the bathrooms and such. Si I guess we did get some sort of workout there too.
We did good on the calories today too, we had Taco Mayo me baby with Amber and it was nice getting to spend the time with her that we got to spend with her today. Don't know when we get to see her again but I sure hope its soon!!
well I guess it is time to wrap this up once more....

Cheers to new beginnings,


  1. Aww mommy. I loved you guys being here. I miss you all so much when I am not home! I hope I can see you again REAL soon. Because I would like to have a family movie night! We didn't get to watch a movie! I had a nice time today with you and daddy, even though some things were a little stressful today.

    And I miss you already!
    love your wonderful daughter
    -ambeeeee girl

    ps. I love the slide show below! :)

  2. Didn't get a workout? Whatever. You so did get a workout--well done on the stairs! You are all doing so well and what an amazing family you have! DH and I really hope that you and Sean will be able to come to NZ next year to share your weight loss journey with our community. I'm working on it! Blessings--Bonnie

  3. Taking the stairs can definately be a workout, depending on how many times you take them. I'm sure you had to go up and down at least a few times what with carrying things to her dorm room. It's unreal to think that just one year ago, it would have never crossed your minds. You guys are doing such an incredible job! Keep up the good owrk, myRene!
    x's and o's

  4. Sounds like a work out to me ...quality time with hubby, quality time with daughter....Making sure Amber is settled... rainy night
    What a wonderful time ...bet you feel refreshed


  5. Yes, I agree that moving stuff is a workout, definitely burns some calories. Sounds like you had a great time with Amber and some quality time with Sean too. I love going places with just Mike so we have time to talk alone. We always talk about just going to the gym being nice, in the old days that would sound funny coming from us lol. Hope you enjoy the rest of your days off. Great pictures!

  6. I read Amber's post before yours, and I was thinking...I bet mom and dad and Amber had an easier time moving in this year than last. You confirmed my thoughts! Congrats on that, and taking those stairs!

    I love your pictures.

  7. So glad you had a good visit! And i'm sure all the walking around burned a few calories :)

  8. It was very nice to talk the entire trip there and back. Very good communication baby!
    We did get some kind of workout on that campus. It's funny, while writing my experiences---I totally didn't think of the chairs fitting fine or the stairs, or several things. Isn't funny that sometimes we easily forget the past struggles once the struggle no longer exist. Maybe they're not forgotten---but it's nice to not be consumed by those thoughts anymore. You know exactly what I'm talking about. It was always the first thing I would worry about upon entering an office like that 'will I fit in the chair?' So happy those days of worry are over, what a blessing.

    Love you dollface,

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