Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Pics And A Great Day

Hello again friends,

So good to be able to catch up some today, I have more to read and comment on, but I did get a lot done today. I am off the next two days but starting Friday, I will be doing 8 twelves in a row so it is gonna be hard to keep up, I will try but just in case you wonder where I went...LOL I will be working my butt off...and that is FOR REAL...LOL

Amber at is back...YEAH have missed her posting. Sean at has a new toy on his blog if you haven't gone to check it you soooo should he has an interview with the popular blogger Jack sh*t getting' fit at Very funny stuff :-)

Well today was a great day off with lots to do. I woke up with tacos, because my buddy loves me, two party tacos and one soft which was 500 calories and then for dinner I cooked some pork chops scalloped potatoes and had some green beans and that came in at about 310. I have had lots of water today and to much coffee, but coffee with the creamer I am still spending about 250 of my calorie budget for coffee....Not good!! Later on for my dinner I had a bacon sandwich with 50 calorie dressing and low calorie bread and so that checked in at about 300 with 4 pieces of bacon and lots of tomatoes....YUMMY it was so for the day so far I have had......1360 and so i might have a banana or a nutri-grain bar with one more cup of coffee before bed, but today was great in the calorie department. Right at the 1500 I give myself...

Well Sean and Courtney and myself decided that we were going to go to the gym tonight and get in some weight training, and boy are my arms already feeling it....we lifted weights and did about 6 reps in all and I even got in some crunches before we left after the cardio on the treadmill, it was a lot of fun wish my schedule let me do this with them all the time, I hate it that it don't and that I can't always go, but I love the times that I can....We usually do the 10K on Tuesday, but maybe we can tomorrow...or at least a 5K...I will let you know..I do want to go back to the gym though for some more weight training, gotta really work them muscles.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments they REALLY do mean the world to me...nothing helps me stay focused more then YOU...So thank you...

well some people have said I need to add some body shots and I do mean I have been taking some tonight and I hope you like them...still working on the reality





I had a little toooo much fun doing this:-)









So there you go....In progress pics....I hope you all like them!!!


Cheers to new beginnings,


  1. Beautiful! Love the pics. You did look like you were having fun.

    Great job on the workout and calorie budget! Keep up the good work.

  2. Wow. I can't believe the transformation you've made. You look like a completely different person - I guess in a way, you are. And, I love the way you work out as a family. Thanks for sharing - you're an inspiration, for sure.

  3. Loved the pictures, great legs, it does look like you had fun *smile*. Wow, 8 12 hour days, good luck with that. I'll definitely miss you if you're gone. Way to go on the workout at the gym and on staying within your calories. Hope you have a good few days off.

  4. Wow Irene! You look AMAZING! I am just thrilled for you!

    I laughed when you said you hated that picture - the "before" pic on my blog's sidebar? I loathe that picture, but I think that is a good thing because it just cements it into my head that I never want to be there again!

    I hope you consider a recipe section on you blog to share some of these low cal items you and Sean are always talking about - I'd love some more ideas!

    Keep on rocking it with the exercise - hubs works so much we don't get the chance to go much together, so enjoy it for me!

    lots of love!

  5. Wow, these pictures really show off the transformation! Look how tiny your legs are!!

  6. I love your blog! Your photos are these pictures! I used to live near Stillwater and it's good to see an Eskimo Joe's T-shirt again! I'm enjoying following your blog!! Keep up the amazing work...what an inspiration you are!

  7. I really enjoyed our time together baby! You look AMAZING! I'm a very VERY lucky man!!!
    I also enjoyed the time we had this morning before I left for work---Nice breakfast! It's amazing how low cal those things can be!! You baby are incredible.
    Love the pics!!

    It will be tough getting through those 8 days of 12's...UHGG!!! But we will get through, we always do right?
    Sounds like I may need to give somebody a back rub!!!

    I love you baby--You have a wonderful blog here!!

    Love your buddy

  8. Wow, I love your inprogress pic! It show that we all can do this. Keep up the good work!! Also thanks for the comment on my blog.

  9. You look great!! Actually the entire family looks awesome :)

  10. its stories like yours that keep me going. thanks for sharing. and you know what? after all the sweat and dedication youve brought to the table, there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH FUN!!! lol. cheers irene

  11. Great progress pictures! Good job!! I have added you to my blog roll, so I can keep reading!

  12. WOW....amazing....way to go. You've obviously worked really hard.

  13. I love the pics, what an incredible transformation! Besides the obvious weight loss, the main thing I notice is you seem noticably happier in your progress pics. Thanks for posting them and best of luck with your 8 12 hour shifts in a row!

  14. You look SO, SO, SO, amazing. You totally deserve to strut your stuff! Best of all, you look health and fit and ready to take on the world. Keep up the great work!

  15. Hi Irene,
    Thanks for the comment.
    You have an infectious smile! I had to smile back at the computer screen!
    I have another blog about losing weight too.
    Echo of Me
    Less than a month in but doing fairly well. I love reading your posts.

  16. Enjoy your time off - 8, 12s in a row...yikes!

    You are looking terrific Irene! Keep it up - you & your family are doing so well. :)

  17. Amazing pics...just goes to show what a little eating plan and some movement will do for you!

    Inspirational as always.

  18. The transformation you've made is astounding Irene!
    I love seeing people's before and after pics for inspiration.

  19. You look fantastic. Better than the beauty is how happy you look. :)

  20. Fabulous photos you are doing an AmAzInG job.

    This is a great looking family coming out of a cocoon and you are all going to Dazzle the World.

    Big Hugs


  21. Love the photos they are fabulous, I am unsure how you manage to cope working so many hours, you are super human!!
    Well done on being within calories!! thats soo cool

    Take care

  22. Where did you and your diminishing self come from?
    You just showed up one day.
    Very good stuff - work in progress, and all that!

  23. WHOA!!! That is amazing progress!!! Awesome work!!! You look like a kid in the in progress pics!!!

  24. WOW! What a fabulous change you have worked so hard to achieve! Good for you!

  25. the before pics are hard to look at but we need to!
    you had fun with the in progress pics! the next batch will be even more fun!
    you look really good and have come a long way.

    do you use turkey bacon?

  26. Simply awesome!!! You are a true inspiration, thanks for sharing.

    Your meals sounded wonderful today, great work.
    I look forward to continuing following your blog!

  27. Wow! You're making such tremendous strides, Irene!

    Continued success!

  28. Your transformation is amazing. It's almost hard to tell it's not another person. Well I guess in a way it was another person who didn't make your new person's choices of healthy eating and working out.

    Crunchy tacos... It's odd you mentioned tacos, I fought the mexican food craving most of the day.

    After all tacos are the breakfast of choice at Foolsfitness!-Alan

  29. Awesome pics! It's amazing how young you look. In some of the pics your hubby posted recently, I seriously thought one of the pictures of you was one of your girls!

  30. WOW MOMMA! You look AMAZING girl! You are so beautiful girllllll. I love all the pictures....the one of you pointing your booty to the camera made me laugh. :) You is silly! I'm so proud of you! You are doing such a wonderful job momma girl! I miss you and I love you bunches and bunches, gobs and gobs, lots and lots...and I can't wait to see you soon!

    -Ambeeee girllll

  31. Hi Irene
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Having only just started I've no idea whether I've got it all set up right and didn't even know if anyone would be able to find my blog, never mind actually want to follow it, so thank you for your interest, I really appreciate it.
    I also agree with your hubby, I think this blogging is going to really help with the journey.
    You are doing fabulously! Just been looking at your pics, wow, what a difference, go girl!

  32. Hi Irene, I took a peek at your pictures, what wonderful progress you have made! I wish I could read your blog regularly...I heard about your poem from your hubby. But my poor ol' 58 year old eyes can't read the very white font on the very black background...I get blurry eyed and dizzy...aarrggghhhh.

    I know Sean often updates us on you, so I will get to follow you second hand. Best of success to you, Loretta

  33. Irene … gorgeous girl….
    Thanks for the comment Hun….It has been tough but I haven’t’ comfort eaten and I lost weight…I am in shock

    It must be the day for shocks ….33 comments before mine…..You might not even read mine ROFL

    So look at you …you LITTLE cheer leader lol…..You look FANTASTIC.. even your smile is so different….YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe you have to do eight 12’s in a row, you will be exhausted…..maybe when Sean cooks his meal he should make one for you so it is one less thing for you to do

    Hey deal with the pop then a bit later deal with the coffee….don’t do it all at once or we will be dealing with a grumpy Irene and WE don’t want that lol

    Just before I fell Preg with Brighton (no6) I was doing weights I loved it … I felt so strong…

    Take care and don’t work too hard, will be looking forward to your next post…telling me you got under that number (you know that one )
    Love Kathie

  34. Wow! I just arrived on your blog from Jo's and had to come check out your pics! What an inspiration you are! Keep up the great work, you're doing such an awesome job and I look forward to following your journey.


  36. Wow Irene. Wonderful pics! You're absolutely beautiful! You're doing so well. And you're so lucky to have your hubby sharing the journey with you.

    Such a boost to see your progress!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx