Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Works For Me.....

Hello again friends,

Want to give out a special Thank You to Michelle@MyJourneyToOnderland and also These two special ladies gave me a blog award and I feel so grateful to be one of the blogs they like!! I haven't been doing this but for only a few days, so it means so very much to be noticed for this special award, thank you both so very much!!!

Sean and I got in a 10K tonight it was a wonderful time to talk and walk, it was nice out from all the rain, we tried to do a on the go video but it was so dark, don't know what of it is visible. We were talking about the first time I walked it with the girls over a year ago at my highest weight and I couldn't get but half way around the darn thing, the girls couldn't believe it. Mom had to stop and rest her legs. right then and there I said No way is this going to happen and I just kept doing it and a little at a time and tonight again we walked 7 and a half times around.

I have always been active played softball was pitcher on the team, hit home runs and grand slams that my grandpa used to pay me for. Played soccer and ran the ball all the way down to the goal, loved to do cart wheels and play outside all day. I was raised by my grandparents and even at 70 grandpa would practice with me everyday. Then met Sean got out of school and went hog wild on fast food, I never had it growing up we had 3 square meals a day, home cooked meals but, barely enough to feed us all. Grandma and grandpa both retired and 4 grandchildren they were raising. We did have a huge garden though and we all had to help with it all summer But it was abundant in fruits and vegetables and we loved it.

These are My Thoughts and opinions on some things.....

Sean and I was talking tonight about weight loss Gimmicks, plans and diets that work for short term, but not for a life long commitment. I don't like it when people ask me "Hows your diet going?" I am not on a "diet" I am on a life changing commitment, changing the way I eat, what I eat and learning to do it one day at a time, for life.

Not just to lose all the weight I can, and gain it all back, but to change my habits and my thinking along the way. The weight lose industry is a billion dollar company, they find people like us and give us pills, plans , diets ,charts and points. Some give us food pre -packaged and some give us shakes and tell us no carbs none of this and none of that. So what we end up believing is...If we eat something we want or something that we crave then we have already failed.
When in fact if we eat less, but still have the foods we want and exercise more we will lose the weight, you cannot help to and along the way you teach yourself how to eat while still enjoying your favorite things, but in moderation. This is what I have done and what Sean has done and this is all we have done...He has lost over 200lbs and I have lost 142 so it can be done and we have no desire to "cheat" cause everything we want we can have.

Its the same thing with the surgery Tammy was talking back in her blog Tammy@FromFattofab a few nights back. When you have surgery, mind you some people need it for emergency reasons if they cannot exercise any longer, but just to have it because you "don't think you can" is a different story. Because what happens after the expensive procedure have to cut done your portions and eat in moderation and exercise anyway.

Sean wanted this too at one time, and if his insurance would have covered it he would have had it. he also mentioned going away and staying in a hospital and only having food through his veins until he lost the weight. Desperate measures? yes of course it is, but he didn't think he could do it any other way.

We have a dear friend who did do this the lap band i think it was or the gastric cant remember but yes they lost the weight they were looking good and slowly they became the frog in boiling water..(From Jack@jacksh*t,gettin'fit

They let their old ways of eating creep back in and before they new it they were back in the boiling water and heavier then they were before, Because you can cut the stomach and make it shrink you will get sick if you eat to much, but if you keep over eating the stomach will grow again and there fore it will hold what you want it to again.

Enough about that.....Weigh day is today....and Sean should be in the 200's.....and Courtney should be in the 100' very happy!!! I will be in the 100's next weigh day and that will be a milestone for me...Today will be close, but don't think I quite made it...we will see.. I haven't been below 200 since I can remember, when I got pregnant with Amber I was 215 and still in high school so below 200 will be remarkable!!!

Leave you with this....

What works for me....Having what I want
What works for me....Eating in moderation
What works for me....Exercise (and it doesn't have to include a 10k)
What works for doesn't cost me ANYTHING
What works for me....I'm losing weight while learning to eat
What works for me....Is teaching me to eat in every situation
What works for me....Is knowing I will soon be at my goal
What works for me....Can and will work for you too!!!

Cheers to new beginnings,


  1. Yay! I whole-heartedly agree with you. My eating is the same as yours, it works for me too!

    Good luck with your weigh-in, all of you!

  2. You are so inspiring...I know I say that to you all the time but you are 145lb gone....10k walk ...amazing
    Just wonderful....
    I so can't wait to hear next week that you are in the 100's bring it on !!

  3. Irene, I love the post, very informative and got me thinking about a lot of things. Great job on the 10 K by the way, good thing getting some exercise in. Just a quick question, how much do you spend on food a day?
    My thoughts are this, you have done great, and I am glad you found things that worked for you. Many of those things you mentioned, just didn't work for me and I found something else that did. You may look at me and say you spend money on it etc., but I also replace meals with it.
    Just trying to show you a spin.
    I know you can get under that 200lb mark, keep up the good work!!

  4. Oh wow - I am so excited to hear all of your weigh in results!
    I'll let Sean is glad now that he didn't go with the desperate measures, he;s so much healthier now than he would have been!
    I totally agree - have what you want and be responsible with it, it IS your life you're talking about, not something temporary. Keep working what works for you!

  5. I agree with everything you said in this post! I know that you will reach you "100's" milestone very soon. Keep up the good work!

  6. You under 200, Sean under 300... how cool is that?!! Whether or not it happens this week doesn't even matter because you guys are doing the right thing!

  7. Good luck on weigh-in! I'm anxous to hear the results.

    I do the points system. Is it gimickery? Yes. I like it, though, and I can eat what I want, although I do try to eat more balanced than I used to. If I did not do points, I would count calories. I believe in satisfying cravings as well. I still eat mac and cheese, but not the whole box! Proper servings. And I will still go to Taco Bell now and again, except now I get two items not four. lol

    Congrats on your exercising victory. Halfway to 7 1/2 trips around in a year? Amazing.

    I'm so glad you're blogging! This should be a great day for your family--milestones!

  8. Just many calories do you eat daily? Did you start out with more and drop? How do you work that?

  9. A great post Irene and so true. I think a lot of it is that people don't believe in themselves, don't have faith they can do it on their own so they reach for outside things to fix themselves.

    As for the whole surgery thing I could ramble on about that for hours. In a nutshell, I had my stomach stapled 27 yrs ago at age 15 (weighed 345 lbs and wanted to be dead), I lost about 100 lbs and then slowly gained it all back, by age 21 I was back to 315 and by age 27 I was at 378 lbs. I think we have to fix our heads along with our bodies or we won't ever get to where we want to be.

    What works for you works for me too with the addition of "What works for me....seeing my therapist once a month for a mental tune-up" *smile*.

    Great luck with the weigh-in for everyone today. I think you're going to speed down that scale and leave me in the dust lol. But I will still be behind you cheering you on and seeing you at the finish line eventually *smile*.

  10. Love the list of what works for you....fantastic!

    About the award. Go to my blog and right click on it and choose "Save as"...then remember where you saved it "My Pictures". Then go to your own blog and go to customize/layout...Click Add a Gadget...scroll down to Picture. Click on that and you will see Image. Hit the browse button and find the award picture. Then hit save. You can aslo add a caption to the pic in the same place as Browse.