Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stranger In My House

Hello friends,

Gosh I miss you all, it has been a crazy week!! all the 12's seeing family I ha vent seen in a while and my dad in the hospital, haven't even gotten a chance to go see him, only talk to him. he went in with pneumonia and congested heart failure a couple days ago. He is doing a whole lot better now and is in his own room. it is so hard it seems to get just a minute in these days to do what you need to do.

I had to post and tell everyone that I am doing well haven't forgot you and haven't went anywhere...still hanging in there not eating the way I should been so busy...who has time...lol Amber will be in on Friday I cannot wait to see her, it will be nice to have her back home even if it is for a short weekend!!

I also had to say somethings about Sean's post....first of all he got an AMAZING role in what is sure to be an AMAZING play for one because he is in it...lol and I am so very proud of him for going after the things he has always wanted to do!!
Secondly, my sisters reaction....I completely understand, I know its so hard for him to see,but the changes in him are so different sometimes I think there is a stranger in my house....The old Sean will be missed I look at his old pictures and know I will never see him again. The face I fell in love with, the sense of humor he has, had is still there, but somehow different, it is really hard to explain and very deep and I am sure I will write more about it later in other posts. Its not that I love the "NEW" Sean any less...I love him more and more everyday, and sometimes I have to pinch myself that he is one in the same but different, better, the "NEW" improved Sean....He is happier and healthier and everything I have always wanted him to be...I look at the old Sean and he will be missed,But when I look at the "OLD" Sean I see how miserable he was and self confidence was low, and like he said he felt dead and just going through the motions of living...and now the "NEW" Sean will make sure he is alive and able to do all the things he ever wanted to do!!

About this play....HE HAS TO SHAVE....not happy about this....lol

Cheers to new beginnings,


  1. Hey Girlfriend

    Hugs and prayers to u during this stressful time.
    Praying for you Dad
    I never thought of you feeling like there is a stranger in your home....but I can understand you feeling that way and feeling like you have lost Sean and gained a new man with the same name.... that really would be hard and need some grieving time

    Glad you got to spend a little time with your sister.
    I have to agree I think the beard suits Sean very much....it will be interesting to see him with out one though
    You know where I am if you need to chat

    Oh tell Sean to pass my msg on to you pls

    Love ya


  2. Oh no Irene! I'm so sorry to hear about your father. I'll be praying for him and your whole family tonight.

    I think that makes sense about losing some part of him, even if you're gaining more than you're losing in terms of happiness, etc. It's for the better, yes, but something's still lost, and I don't see any problem in it being bittersweet.

  3. So sorry to hear about your dad! He will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    It's true that when there is such a big difference that sometimes it takes the mind a while to catch up to what you see :)
    Have a great visit with Amber! And say hi to Courtney

  4. Dear Irene, sorry to hear about your father. Sending sincere wishes for his recovery.

    It's great that you and Sean are able to grow together (while shrinking bodily). That your love for one another is so strong that you can accept the changes and development in personality and outlook on life in each other.

    For this to happen is rare! You're a unique and very lucky couple.

    You have a lot on your plate right now (I mean metaphorically!) so be sure to take care.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  5. Thanks for sharing this Irene. It means a lot. I never really thought about how hard it would be for you to adjust to the changing Sean. I can see now that--that in itself would have been a difficult thing for you. I love my big cuddly Andy and when he slims down it will be like falling in love with a whole new person, because I have never know him any other way. That will be huge! At least we know that we have you and Sean to lead us by your examples!! Blessings on you--your in progress pictures are awesome! Love, Bonnie

  6. Glad your dad is doing better. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

    That's great news about Sean. Is he still jumping up and down? How exciting!

    Take care of yourself with all that hustle.

  7. Been missing you myRene. Tell Dad I love and miss him lots and I hope he gets better soon! Give him a big kiss from Bodacious...

    Which sister was it?

    Sorry to hear about your upcoming loss of Sean's goatee. It is rather sexy, isn't it?

    x's and o's to you... Enjoy your weekend!

  8. So he has to shave. At least they're not making him gain 50 lbs for the role.

  9. Well, I think the NEW SEAN is just a new and improved version. It is obviously hard but good at the same time. I think there are adjustments but it comes down to the strength of your relationship - from the sounds of it is strong. I can understand how people will react, but if Sean is happier and more confident it means a longer life. Love both of your blogs. Love to you all and fingers crossed for your Dad.

    Martine - Australia

  10. I will be praying for your father. I hope your sister's doing better too...been praying for her thyroid issues.

    About Sean changing....I've kind of wondered if things will be different with Dwayne and I once I get to goal. Not that he'll change his feelings for me...but I wonder if I'll change the way I think? It IS very deep...you were right about that...and a little scary too.

  11. Always your Buddy. I love you baby---that never changes.

    "Holy crap there's a stranger in our---oh wait, that was just a mirror." Takes some getting use to huh? Is it just me or has the last 30 pounds or so made a bigger difference than the previous 70? It seems so.

    You're my buddy,
    Love you much

  12. Thank you for walking hand in hand with me down this road. It leads to wonderful places baby. I know I tell you this everyday---But, you're looking incredible, absolutely amazingly beautiful my doll.


  13. Best wishes to your dad, you are having a tough time of it girl (((hugs)))

    How do you cope with all the hours you work on top of illness and stress in the family? You must be a strong lady Irene.

    Sean's venture in to acting is brilliant, he is showing all of us the way to go. Trying new stuff, but I would have gone for a walk on part firstly..lol.

    Not Sean Anderson though, he maybe getting close to being half the man he was, but he is a bigger man than ever with his courage and commitment to change.

    I'll miss that goatee too, you make sure it comes back soon. Oh I would so love to be there on his First Night.

    You are an AmAZInG Woman Mrs Anderson encouraging your whole family on this journey. As well as dealing with your own story.

    My love and prayers go out to you.

    Big Hugs


  14. Hugs about your dad - hope he continues to recover well.

    Reading about your sister's reaction was a huge eye-opener to me and now I understand why some people's reactions to me seem a bit strange. I can cope with them better now that I see it from their point of view.

    The health aspect is far more important than the outward appearance, though and the inside remains the same which is what we love about anyone really. And it is always wonderful to see our loved ones happy and enjoying life to the full.

    Thinking of you while your dad is recovering.

  15. thoughts and prayers for your dad in this trying time. sounds like you're holding up. if you can squeeze in a walk or quick workout, it might seem selfish, but oh the stress reduction. when at a hospital once for a loved one, i would do squats/jumping jacks in a quiet spot. some stared, but oh well....love n prayers!

    your buddy and his big changes will soon seem natural, time blends all :)

  16. My husband is losing weight...and I think, "How will this change him?" I am really happy that he is getting healthier. Seeing you guys lets me know we can do this too!

  17. Wow, I never thought of what effects my weight loss could have on my family. They have only seen me as obese but I am ready to introduce them to the new and improved me. Thanks, for writing about your feelings regarding the OLD Sean...it was eye opening to me, in regards to the effects of my weight loss in my own family. Your dad is in my prayers, I wish him well.

  18. I just had to leave a comment to tell you that I found your husband's blog yesterday, read it all the way through, then found yours. Your family inspires me so much. I'll be checking back often. If you can make such positive changes in your lives, why can't I? The possibilities are limitless, no? So: thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Warmest regards to you and your beautiful family!

  19. OOOHH - I'm a late commenter on this post!

    I have wondered about both of us losing weight too - Randall is already lighter than he was when we got married, and I am only about 13 pounds from being there, so it will be new, exciting, and scary territory.

    Prayers being said for your Dad, too.

    Lots of Love!

  20. Wow... love your before and progress pics! You look AMAZING!!!

  21. Prayers for your dad!

    Glad you've survived all those 12s. My goodness, I hope you were able to get some sleep with all that.
    Take care of yourself sweetie. You deserve it, too.

    I love your thoughts about the 'new' versus the 'old' Sean. The pureness, the honesty & the love is refreshing to read in this cynical world.

    Best wishes,

  22. Irene, your father is in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad he's doing better, and I hope he's home soon and on the mend.

    I never thought about how unusual it must be to have your husband change so in front of your eyes. I bet that was very shocking for your sister.

  23. Awww daddy has to shave his beard. :( I'm gonna miss that. It really looks good on him.

    I'm so excited about the play! He is going to ROCK IT!

    I know what you mean...about daddy...looking so different...a couple of weeks before school started back up...I was in the kitchen and daddy was sitting in the computer chair...and I didn't know...once I seen him...I had to do a double take...because he was sitting in the chair...but it didn't look like him...because I couldn't even seen his shoulders pointing out of the top of the chair...all I seen was his head sticking up...lol...and I thought some guy had come into the house...and sat at our computer...checking their myspace...hahah.

    I miss you girllll.
    I can't wait to seeeeee yous!

  24. Irene, I LOVE this post! How amazing to go through what you are personally as well as with Sean. Congrats on the life changes for both of you.
    Thank you too for following my blog. Ive been reading through yours and I enjoyed it. I am now following. Also, I copied the Dont Quit poem so I can tape it to my fridge, inside my daily planner, etc. lol

  25. Sorry to hear about father health and I'm glad to see he is improving. I will keep him and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I glad I found your blog!! Keep up the good work!!

  26. I also am sorry to hear about your dad, but happy to see he's improving!

    Love your blog, and will be following. You've got a lot of great things to say.

    Thanks for your words on my site -- much appreciated. (coachyourmind)